Five Step Test: Is my child ready to move out of their booster seat?

Using the ‘5 step test‘ great way of seeing if your child is ready to move
from their booster seat and sit directly on the vehicle seat

  1. Back flat on the back of the vehicle seat?
  2. Do knees bend at the front of the vehicle seat?
  3. Does the lap portion of the seat belt sit low and flat on the hips & thighs?
  4. Does the sash part of the belt cross the middle of the shoulder?
  5. Can the child stay seated in the same position for the whole trip?

*Additional signs the child is not ready*

1. Childs’ feet are not flat on the vehicle floor
2. Child use knees to see out of the window
3. The child is not able to see over dash if seated in the front seat
The back seat is the safest position for children.

Did you know??
image of Unicode Character 'WARNING SIGN' (U+26A0)Car Crashes are the leading cause of death for children
image of Unicode Character 'WARNING SIGN' (U+26A0)Only 43% of booster size children travel in booster seats

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What age can my child go without a booster?

Legally, children seven (7) years and over are permitted to use the vehicle lap sash seat-belt, on its own.

Age does not guarantee your child will be tall enough to use the vehicle seat belts without a booster.

There’s no one ‘magic’ age as children grow at different rates & vary greatly in height.
Vehicles differ shape & size.
Use the ‘5 step test’ below to determine if your child is ready.

Children who are not ready will tend to
1. Slouch down onto the vehicle seat.
2. The seatbelt will sit on their tummy or neck, increasing their risk of serious abdominal and spinal injuries.

Research tells us booster seats are the safest option for your child is involved in a collision.
Booster seats allow for optimal seat belt positioning
Harnessed boosters offer an additional level of safety. This is why race car drivers use 6-point harnesses.

Use the right type of restraint for your child’s size
Make sure that you install it correctly,
Buckle your child correctly, every single trip.
Adult seatbelts should not be used by children who have not met all 5 steps.

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