Mobile Installation

Don't worry about finding time in your schedule to come and have your seat fitted. Our mobile installation service is just that... mobile. We can visit you at your home or workplace at a time that is convenient for you and your family.

Getting stuck with a seat that either doesn't fit your vehicle or suit your child can be a very expensive mistake. Our accredited & highly experienced installers can not only assist you with purchasing a seat that fits your vehicle and is suitable for your child, but will also show you how to install and maintain the restraint as the child grows.
Infant Capsule Hire

Short Term and Long Term Hire
Hiring a capsule is cost effective & hassle free. We choose to stock only the best quality brands as your child deserves nothing less than perfection & top notch safety.

Family Day Care

We provide Family Day Care Centres with an at-home car seat check & installation service.

Group Talks

Are you part of a playgroup or mothers group? Bring a group of your friends together to learn about child car seat safety.

Free Car Seat Checks

Do you run a charity or not-for-profit?
We love assisting charities & NFP's with educating the wider community.
Our FREE car seat checking stations are the perfect opportunity for spreading awareness within your community.