Winter jackets and child car seats.. understanding the risks.

Great question!

Did you know?

What clothing do I need to avoid my child wearing in their carseat?


Sleeping bags
Puffy Jackets
Thick winter coats
Thick winter clothing
Frilly Dresses
Puffy Dresses
Tulle Skirts
Flower Girl Dresses
Suits & Kilts
Dress Up Costumes

Why? Thick jackets can impede the correct positioning, placement and correct tightening of the harness across the child’s torso. Loose harnesses increase the risk of the child being ejected from the vehicle.


A simple experiment you can do.

1. Place your child into their car seat with their thick winter clothing on.
2. Without loosening the harness unclip and remove the child’s winter clothing.
3. Place your child back into their car seat and click the harness back up.

See how loose the harness is? Very scary isn’t it?

Remember: A firm, flat & correctly fitted harness is a far safer harness.
If your child is cold a thin blanket, dressing gown or jacket over the top of the harness is sufficient. 


Dressing your child for the car.

Layers equal warmth and don’t add excessive bulk under the harness allowing for correct adjustment of the child’s harness every time to place your child into & out of their car seat.

Long sleeve shirt
Tracksuit pants
Socks & Shoes
Babies: A grow suit under a thin jumper & thin pants/leggings

Avoid use of beanies on babies & infants, due to the risk of slipping over the child’s face and asphyxiation.
Not recommended in vehicles – Thick Blankets or doonas

Please watch the video linked below (America restraints are shown) ONLY Australian standards AS/NZS1754 child seats are legal in Australia